Immediate Needs

Last Updated on Saturday, November 17, 2018

  • Prayers
  • no food needs at the moment
  • See below for the Long-Term Needs update and progress.


Long-Term Needs

Last Updated on Saturday, November 17, 2018


The friars ask for your help to carry out the mission of Mount Saint Francis entrusted to us by Our Lady. Here one can enter into prayer, find silence, and strengthen their faith by making a retreat in one of the cabins on the property. To provide our retreatants with the best experience we must address some pressing needs.

During this past year (2018) the old friary of St. Anthony’s had further repairs on the back eves, and the front and back gutters. Also, we are removing the raised beds that are in front of the building as we believe that may also be contributing to the water getting into the basement. The water problem has improved with the repairs that have been done. However, some water still finds its way into the basement. So, we are hoping these last improvements, especially in the front, will keep the water out. Also, the old Dodge Dump Truck’s transmission went out this year and we have had to get a “new” truck. Then we had to get it ready for its winter work, with a “new” plow. Also, the tractors and some of their winter attachments had to get ready for winter. So, it has been a bit expensive this year preparing for winter. While our normal offerings help us to just pay our normal running expenses. We need your support to continue the work of needed renovations to the main buildings on the property, which include the maintenance buildings (garages), and the cabins. With only three of us here, we have no time to cut wood. We have also cut back on what we mow. We would greatly appreciate the help of anyone and everyone with lawn care, wood cutting, painting, etc.

The driveway has been recently patched, and the drainage along the driveway has been repaired. 

In the name of Jesus and Mary, we ask for help in all of these areas, whether it is through prayer, labor, or financial assistance. We look to St. Maximilian Kolbe as our model and trust in Our Lady’s intercession. In speaking to the friars about the generosity needed to be instruments for the Immaculate, he said, “Love is real when it is increased through sacrifice. Those who possess this disposition will reach the heights of perfection.”


May God greatly reward you! Ave Maria!